Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Merry Christmas! We hope this little note finds you enjoying the holiday season. This year has been a busy one for us. So, in keeping with the tradition of the Christmas Letter, here is a little update from our family!

Eden is almost 2 ½ years now. She is our darling destructo-princess. As she is growing, it is fun to see her personality come out. Edie can be a real clown, and very stubborn all at the same time. It makes it hard to discipline sometimes, haha! She loves to take everything apart, play with her sister (most of the time), hang out with her grandpa, and play with grandma’s new puppy. We love her and are very glad she is part of our family.

Nan turned 5 this year and is attending Pre-kindergarten. She missed the Kindergarten deadline by about 2 weeks, so we are still trying to decide what to do next fall. We’ll see at the end of this coming summer if she will continue on to Kindergarten, or if we’ll have her test into 1st grade. She makes friends very easily and already has a little best friend in school. Nan is taking cello lesson from her Grandma Bowman and is learning how to play I am a Child of God. He favorite things to do are play with her aunts and grandma, going to friends and cousins house for play dates, play pretend with anything she can make talk, and do anything that mommy is doing. Nan is a sweetheart and is a precious blessing in our family.

Sam is in his 4th year teaching high school special education. He is still teaching at East Shore High School. This is the alternative school in Alpine School District where kids can go to finish early, make up credit, attend after normal school hours, and in Sam’s case get the academic help they need. He gets some very interesting characters in his classes and comes home with great stories. It keeps him busy as he is the chair in the department, and has a large load of folders to keep tract of. Sam’s newest development is that he has been accepted at Emporia State University to start his Masters degree in Library Science starting in January. He is excited to start learning in this new field of study. When he is finished, it will qualify him to be a librarian, but also an archivist. Maybe he’ll work up in the church vaults someday. Time will only tell. Sam is serving as the 2nd counselor in one of the elders quorums in our ward.

Eliza is busy being a mom, and doing the everyday stuff that keeps the family running. She still gets to play her violin now and then. We haven’t been dancing in a while now, but hopefully we will remedy that soon. Eliza’s craziness this year is that she is serving as the ward Primary President. It has been a very busy year with this new development, but with the Lord’s help, the primary seems to be doing well. She is hoping to pick up a few violin students starting in January, and maybe (fingers crossed) be able to teach a little dance now and then.

We have been very blessed this year in many ways, and part of that is having such wonderful family and friends around us. Even if you are far away, we keep you in our prayers and hope and wish the best for you all. Hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas and a Wonderfully Blessed New Year!

Love- The Sam and Eliza Bryan Family

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