Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Primary Adventures

I am currently serving as the primary president in my ward, a crazy busy but very rewarding position. I just thought that throughout this time I will be posting things I've learned and ideas my presidency and I come up with. I have to say right now that most of our ideas have come from other sources, or at least the beginnings of them. YEAH FOR PRIMARY!
“Every member of the Church is important to us. Indeed, every person-member or not-is important to us, but surely among the most significant of all our responsibilities is the responsibility to protect and nurture the children of the Church… We care so much about you and about the children you are teaching. Prepare well to bless these little ones. Give it your best effort. Your influence will, quite literally, affect these children for eternity. Enjoy the assignment that you have, and discharge it faithfully… However much we love and admire children, I am certain we underestimate who and what a child is a what in the hands of God he or she may become. May God bless you always in your sacred opportunity to help save the children of this Church.”
Jeffrey R. Holland

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